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Letter in Support of Immigrants and Refugees

Letter from Faith Leaders in Support of Immigrants and Refugees in Cary

Hospitality to the stranger is a central tenet of our sacred texts. It is an act of self-giving, welcome, and kindness. In the face of political rhetoric and actions that capitalize on fear to hide the human face of refugees, immigrants, and travelers from Muslim-majority countries, we—as clergy and faith leaders in the Town of Cary, NC—recommit ourselves to the ongoing work of loving our neighbors near and far.

We have, each in our own way, failed to live up to that vision. Despite our shortcomings, the presence of migrants and refugees has enriched our communities. We have been strengthened by their courage and character and thereby challenged to grow closer to one another.

Our refugee and migrant neighbors remind us that we are all sojourners in this land. In our sacred texts, it is worth remembering that the first recipients of unmerited hospitality are not nameless others, but each of us: in gratitude, we merely extend God’s hospitality to others.

God’s welcome is not liable to partisan claims, and it is our hope and prayer to be faithful witnesses in these divisive times. Today, we make the declaration that we will stand in solidarity with immigrant and refugee communities and commit ourselves to radical hospitality.

Rev. Javier Almendárez Bautista, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Cary
Rev. Carla Gregg-Kearns, Good Shepherd United Church of Christ, Cary
Rev. Donna Banks, Saint Francis United Methodist Church
Rev. Dr. Rose Cornelious
Rev. Chris Furr, Covenant Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Mr. Howard Manning, Dorcas Ministries Cary, NC
Rev. Lori Pistor, Cary Presbyterian Church
Rev. Stephanie Arnold Workman, Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian
Rev. Susan Sexton, Presbytery of New Hope
Rev. Nola Boezeman, Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian, Cary, NC
Rev. Betsy Cameron Eder, Chaplain
Rev. Mycal Brickhouse, Cary First Christian Church
Rev Dieuner Joseph, Pleasant Grove Church
Rev. George Adamik, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Cary, NC
Mr. Shakil Ahmed, Islamic Association of Cary
Rev. Candace Snively, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Cary
Rev. Antoinette Wike, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Cary
Rev. Wolfgang D. Herz-Lane, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Cary
Msgr. Douglas P. Reed, St. Michael Catholic Church, Cary
Elder Willie Harris, Jr., Mt. Zion Church, Cary NC
Rev. Joseph Welker Jr., Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian
Rev. Melinda Merkley King Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian
Minister Linda Velto, Good Shepherd United Church of Christ, Cary
Rev. Lauren Efird, Greenwood Forest Baptist Church
Rev. Stephen Stacks, Greenwood Forest Baptist Church, Cary
Rev. Wesley Spears-Newsome, Greenwood Forest Baptist Church