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Melanie Fairbrother

Melanie was born and raised in Durham. “Cary was just a little dot on the map to us in Durham.” She graduated from UNC-Wilmington before traveling to Charlotte and then Vienna, Austria when husband Scott was transferred for his job with IBM. They began attending St. Paul’s in 1987, and she has staffed the office since 2000.

“Living abroad was one of the best things that happened in our lives. It was eye-opening. We got the chance to see how different people are and how much they’re alike.”

Five Fast Facts:

Mountains or beach – Beach

Duke, State or UNC – UNC “But I’ve been a little bit of everything.”

Final meal would be – Her husband’s baby back ribs and the Blue Moon Bakery’s raspberry cake

Favorite hymn and non-hymn – “Here I am Lord” and the Eagle’s “Best of My Love”

Something folks at St. Paul’s would be surprised to learn – She worked on her grandparents tobacco farm in Durham County every summer from the time she was 10 until she was 18.

“I know how to chop, prime, hang, drive tractors. We did it all.”